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Courtesy of Achia Samuels, Blackboard Administrator, GC CUNY

Blackboard Learn is CUNY’s enterprise Learning Management System (LMS), centrally supported and managed by the Office of Computing and Information Services (CIS), the staff and instructional leaders on the campuses.

Starting August 3, 2020, the GC IT team will launch Blackboard Consultations. During this time, they will assist in answering questions and needs relating to Blackboard. Blackboard consultations are available Mondays thru Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM via Zoom. Email IT Services at itservices@gc.cuny.edu for a Zoom Link.

If you are using Blackboard on a CUNY campus other than the GC, contact your campus help desk for support.

How to access Blackboard

To access Blackboard, use www.cuny.edu and click on the menu bar or go to the campus websites using URLs for direct access. The page will require your CUNY Login credentials. If you have not claimed your CUNYfirst account on https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu, you must do so before accessing Blackboard. Your CUNY Login username is your CUNYfirst username, followed by @login.cuny.edu and your CUNYfirst password. For example, if you log into CUNYfirst as george.washington76, your CUNY Login will be george.washington76@login.cuny.edu.

How to manage your account in Blackboard
Click on the appropriate link located below the login page.

Unable to log into Blackboard?
Clear your browser cache or use another browser.

Changing your email address
To change your email address, please follow this link – https://www.cuny.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/page-assets/about/administration/offices/cis/core-functions/cuny- blackboard/user-guides/faculty/ChangeEmailAddressSP13-1.pdf

Use the links below as a guide when building quality courses on Blackboard

Add Announcement


Add a Syllabus

https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Course_Content/Create_Content/Create_Course_Materi als/Add_a_Syllabus

Create Item

https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Course_Content/Create_Content/Create_Course_Materi als/Create_Content_Items_or_Documents

Content Editor

Add a file

https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Course_Content/Course_Files/Add_Files_to_Course_File s

Add a link

https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Course_Content/Create_Content/Create_C ourse_Materials/Link_to_Websites

Create a discussion


Create an assignment


Blackboard Annotate – used to comment, highlight and provide feedback on documents https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Administrator/SaaS/Tools_Management/Bb_Annotate_Adoption_Toolkit

Add users to a course/organization

https://www.cuny.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/page-assets/about/administration/offices/cis/core- functions/cuny-blackboard/user-guides/faculty/AddingInstructorsTAsCourseBuildersSP13-2.pdf

Section merge tool – used to combine enrollments when teaching more than one section https://www.cuny.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/page-assets/about/administration/offices/cis/core-functions/cuny-blackboard/user-guides/faculty/using-the-section-merge-tool.pdf

Course Copy – used to copy course materials from one course to the other https://www.cuny.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/page-assets/about/administration/offices/cis/core- functions/cuny-blackboard/user-guides/faculty/copying-course-materials.pdf

Make a course available
https://www.cuny.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/page-assets/about/administration/offices/cis/core- functions/cuny-blackboard/user-guides/faculty/AddingInstructorsTAsCourseBuildersSP13-2.pdf

Student Preview – used to view and access the course as a student https://www.cuny.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/page-assets/about/administration/offices/cis/core- functions/cuny-blackboard/user-guides/faculty/Student-Preview.pdf

Additional Resources www.cuny.edy/Blackboard
Contact IT Services for Blackboard support at itservices@gc.cuny.edu

GC IT will be hosting a series of workshops on Teaching with Blackboard during the week of August 17th. See here for workshop information.

There is also a self-paced online Blackboard session that is accessible for your convenience. To get started in building your courses, if you have not done so already, please check it out.

The video below explains how to enroll in the self-paced Blackboard course.


Accessibility & Captioning Resources for Blackboard