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Workshop: Introduction to Digital and Remote Ethnography


WHEN: March 10th, 12:00-1:30 pm


GOAL: To introduce participants to the theoretical foundations and methodological considerations involved in applying ethnographic methods in the study of digital worlds and using digital tools to complement traditional ethnography.


DESCRIPTION: This workshop is the introductory session of a three-part Digital Ethnography series that the Carnegie Educational Technologist fellows will facilitate in collaboration with GC Digital Fellows and the GC Digital Scholarship Librarian. The first workshop will provide an overview of the theoretical foundations, methods, and debates of both applying ethnographic methods in online worlds and using digital tools to complement traditional ethnographic research. The workshop is also meant to provide attendants with strategies for conducting remote research as an alternative to traditional fieldwork which may be impacted by  COVID-19-related restrictions.

Participants in this first session will be introduced to the principles of digital ethnography and the variety of options that exist for investigating social worlds on the internet with quantitative, qualitative and hybrid methods. The workshop will offer an overview of the ways digital worlds can be studied and the issues to consider when planning an ethnographic approach to online research that provides participants with the foundational knowledge needed to start planning and designing digital ethnography research. The first session will not be technical in nature, but in the second and third workshops in the series, we will introduce and explore specific software and digital tools for online ethnographic research.

Topics covered in this first workshop will include:

  • Theoretical and methodological framework of digital ethnography
  • Understanding online social worlds and social networks
  • Synchronous and asynchronous internet media
  • Introduction to methods, practices, and tools.
  • Ethical considerations of researching social media
  • Workflow and research design.


TAKEAWAYS: Attendees will leave with a foundational understanding of the analytical possibilities that the study of digital cultures can offer to their own research interests and the tools available for their research design.

Carnegie and GCDI fellows will offer additional support for this kind of work via consultations, potentially a working group, and additional pop-up workshop settings.



  • Students and faculty with very basic or no prior knowledge of digital ethnography.
  • Students and faculty whose research has been affected by the pandemic and are considering incorporating digital methods into their investigation.


LENGTH OF WORKSHOP: (75min + 15min for questions)

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