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Workshop: Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Class Videos


GOAL: This workshop will focus on quick and practical tips to improve the quality of your recorded video content. Additionally, these techniques will be applicable in tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Collaborate.


DESCRIPTION: Creating a video lecture is a complicated task, but the video production basics remain the same—and they are pretty simple! Facilitator Mike Mena has assembled a “Top 5 Tips & Tricks” list to give your videos a boost in audio and video quality. Mike addresses the most common questions most new video creators have, including:

  • My webcam doesn’t look good. Do I need to buy a camera?
  • How should I position my face/body in my videos?
  • Why do I look so weird on camera? That is not what I look like!


TAKEAWAYS: Attendees will leave knowing what to prioritize in terms of audio/video quality. Mike will also recommend an excellent “budget” microphone.



March 5, 2020, 11:00AM – 12:30PM EST


FACILITATOR BIO: Mike Mena is a Carnegie Educational Technology Fellow and PhD candidate in Linguistic Anthropology at the Graduate Center. Mike focuses on how ideologies of race and language converge in ways that reproduce hierarchical arrangements and income inequality.  He is currently conducting ethnographic research on the neoliberalization of higher education at a self-purported “bilingual” university in Texas. Mike also works as an educational technologist and media-making consultant for educators. He specializes in video production and video/image editing software. In 2019, Mena’s YouTube channel, The Social Life of Language, was recognized with the Society for Linguistic Anthropology’s “Public Outreach and Community Service Award.”  The Social Life of Language continues to receive national and international recognition for its multi-modal pedagogical approach and as intellectually informed public activism.

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